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What sets CIC Centra Heatset inks apart?

•We begin with the best raw materials from around the world.
•We custom formulate to the most exacting pressroom, substrate and finishing requirements.
•Most importantly, we deliver the product consistency and performance you need to satisfy your customers, and compete successfully in your market.

•Commercial/Catalog/Publication Inks

Available in formulations for all press manufacturers, formats and oven configurations.
Formulated to perform specifically for all dampening systems such as Dahlgren, conventional brush and spray.
Available in 4 color process, Pantone® Mixing System colors, Hexachrome, fluorescent, and metallic colors, as well as custom color matches.
Overprint varnishes are available in high gloss, high rub, satin and d

Stochastic Inks

For applications requiring superb detail and smoother tonalities than line-screen printing.
Produces extremely uniform microdots, similar to the grain in photographic film, to create richer shadows and brighter highlights.
Exhibits better ink-water balance and allows you to match a wider range of subject matter.
Available in all Heatset ink series products; commercial, cover and tabloid


• For in-line aqueous and UV coatable                 applications with very good rub
• For matte stocks and reduced marking in tough finishing situations
• For precise color matching