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Focused Squarely on Performance

Your printing operations demand the highest quality press blankets for the best price.

That is the philosophy behind every blanket order we ship at Central Blanket converters .
We begin with the finest material -leading products from Manufacturers such as Novurania , Trellborg,Savatech,Spectra,Royal Greeen and MacDermind .
They are then manufactured to exact tolerances to deliver the peak printing
performance and efficiency your pressroom requires, and the outstanding print quality
customers expect.

Get the Edge on Quality.

What makes our blankets unique in the
industry? Custom, quality workmanship, a
rigorous quality control program, and the
ability to manufacture blankets in a wide
range of sizes, specifications, and materials.

Our dedicated professionals take great
pride in producing consistent, high quality
blankets that keep your presses running

•All edges are precisely cut and sealed.
•Each blanket is square and true to your press specifications.
•  Bars are securely affixed with high quality adhesives.
•  All materials are free from variations and defects.

Outstanding quality and value for today's
press applications.

•  Heatset
•  Business Forms
•  Coldset Web
•  Carton/Board
•  Sheetfed
•  Plastics
•  UV
•  Newspaper